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Digitisation is also bringing about a change in print and publishing. Publishing is now part of the digital process. Print must therefore also be thought of in digital terms and not be treated as a stand-alone medium. The integrated approach of sensibly linking suitable media channels to each other is the concept for successful corporate communication. Print touchpoints account for 20 per cent and are an important part of the customer journey, which shows that print has an important influence on the path to the customer’s purchase decision.

Enjoy the benefits

Digitisation creates new possibilities that increase the demands on print media: increasing language variants due to internationalisation, target-group-oriented sub-publications, personalised addressing and on-demand media production in the corporate design of the company. Meeting these requirements for automated print production can only be achieved through database publishing, combined with significant time, cost and quality benefits. 

Media for all print touchpoints can be created efficiently with our solutions. You can find some examples in the following. 

A printed or published by electronic device summary of information. Automated cataloguing of data: product catalogs, exhibition catalogs up to library catalogs.

Serves the information and advertising. Most of the time it is a print product (in terms of a flyer and similar), more frequently is the prospectus as an e-prospectus.

A booklet of low extent and with content which is for the most part current. Everything is possible: image booklets, menu cards, leaflets, operating manuals and more.

Catalog with magazine character. It is a combination of a product catalog with price tags and editorial items – filled with news for every reader.

A tag with writing on it to stick on, to attach on or sew in. Information labels, cosmetic labels, barcode labels, packaging labels and others.

Serves to protect the packaged good, to portion as well as transporting. Countless possibilities such as: product packaging, packaging for shipping, service packaging and much more.

The digital version of a publication, enhanced with several additional functions, such as sitemaps, zoom functions and hyperlinks. Largely based on printed documents.

Is published by the producer and informs about specific characteristics, capabilities and technical information about a product. (Continuative: data books)

Informs and provides data about the Product e.g.: application manual, size chart, guideline to fault repair, user’s guide.

Most common and well-known form of direct advertising. It is known as the delivery of flyer, advertising prospects, catalogues and much more. Serves promotional reasons.

Contains important information for the consumer. The information carrier is going to be added to the medicinal product.

Means the publication process of printed products which has been used since the mid-1990s. The method is based on digital printing techniques.

A collection of information for the consumer; explains the handling of the stated product. There are different forms e.g.: book, sign, folding instructions, label.

Method of production with internet-based, automated transmission or compilation of printed works. Includes: advertising media, communication medium and business equipment.

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