Happy Birthday, Codeware

Codeware turns 25 years old.


Xactuell 9

Xactuell 9 offers Blockly as a new scripting language. The Blockly script is a simple visual tool that even untrained users will tell you is child’s play. This means that even complex sets of rules can be created by using block modules and without having to use a programming language. 


Release Xactuell 8.0

Xactuell 8 is released. New look and new features like the light table, a new highlighting palette, queries and scripts filters, among other features.


Xactuell 8 Beta

New, innovative tools as well as careful product development and maintenance are included in this version.


Cockpit 1.0 at Hans Soldan

Hans Soldan successfully uses “Cockpit 1.0” for planning, correcting and controlling print products.


Cockpit 1.0 at Globetrotter

On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of CODEWARE, the innovative solution “Cockpit” is released. Globetrotter uses our new development “Cockpit 1.0” for planning, correcting and controlling print products.


Xactuell 7.1 – 32 Bit -> 64 Bit

Switch from 32 bit to 64 bit. For Mac: complete recoding and therefore very costly. Xactuell 7.1 for 64 bit is developed in 2014 and released in early 2015, with support for the new InDesign CC and QuarkXPress 2015 layout programs.


Magento interface

Magento Soap interface. Xactuell now received a standard interface to Magento.


Team expansion

Team expansion with Tommy Stotz. The full-blooded salesman now shares the good news about “Xactuell” with the world.


Xactuell – rule linking, automation 

Inhouse-Info-Veranstaltung, Vorstellung des Xactuell-Werkzeugs „Regelverbinden“ zum nachträglichen Anbringen von Aktualisierungseinheiten von Bestandsdokumenten. Fertigstellung der Softwareerstellungsautomatisation, enorme Zeitersparnis, deutliche Erhöhung der Produktqualität.


Xactuell 6 with Lua

“Xactuell 6” with Lua as programming language, Lua replaces the macro scripting language.


Cooperation partnership

Cooperation partnership for the consolidation and further development of the XTensions and plug-ins of a Stuttgart-based competitor.


Xactuell 5 with Center

“Xactuell 5” with Center, at that time still called “Structure Group View” (integrated product and template search in Xactuell).


Xactuell 4.1 for CS3 and QXP7

Release of “Xactuell 4.1” for QuarkXPress 7 and InDesign CS3 (Mac OS X & Windows XP/Vista). 


Xactuell 4.0 and OEM partner

Release of “Xactuell 4.0” for QuarkXPress 6 and InDesign CS2. OEM partnership with a major PIM manufacturer.


Xactuell 4.0 and PictureXTracker 3.0

Move to new office in Neue Weinsteige in Stuttgart, release of “PictureXTracker 3.0” for QuarkXPress 6 and InDesign CS2.


Xactuell 3.1

Release of “Xactuell 3.1” for QuarkXPress 6.1 and Adobe InDesign CS (Mac OS X, Windows 2000/XP).


Change of name to CODEWARE GmbH

Further development of “Xactuell” on Adobe InDesign CS, release of “Xactuell 3.0” for QuarkXPress 6 and Adobe InDesign CS, “BodyguardXT 2.0”,  
“OverflowXTerminator 3.0”.


Xactuell 2.0 and OPI Swapper

Release of “Xactuell 2.0”, “OverflowXTerminator 2.0” and “OPI_Swapper 4.0” for QuarkXPress 5.


Xactuell 1.2

“Xactuell 1.2” for QuarkXPress 4.03 (Mac). First experiments with Adobe InDesign.


New office in Stuttgart

Move to new offices on Schlossstrasse in Stuttgart. Publication of the “PictureXTracker” software tool.


XactuellPro ODBC 1.0

Development of “XactuellPro ODBC 1.0” QuarkXPress 4.03 (Mac & Windows).


Xactuell 1.0

Further development of “Xactuell 1.0” (QuarkXPress 3.32 Macintosh 7.1).Development of the XTension “GetAPict” and the successful XTension “OverflowXTerminator”. 


SpecialCharXT and XactuellXTPro

Development of the XTension “SpecialCharXT”. Upgrade of Xactuell to “XactuellXTPro”.



Michael Lutz, a state-certified computer scientist, founded the company “Codeware Entwicklung von Software Michael Lutz” in 1995.

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